Connecting with Your Target Audience

By: Becky Dahl

When we work with brands, one of the most common misconceptions is that you can create brand loyalty by just mining consumer data. But target consumers are not automatically brand loyalists. Here’s how we recommend brands make an authentic connection with their consumers.


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Think of it this way, when you were in high school, there were always the kids trying to fit in. They would wear the clothes, talk the talk and do the things that they thought would help them fit in, but it always felt “off” and was generally unsuccessful. In contrast, there was always another kid who was true to him or herself and people loved them for it. It’s very similar when developing a brand.

If you are struggling to gain brand loyalty, perhaps it’s time to do some of the exercises we do at Bex (or just reach out to us!):

1. Talk amongst yourselves

It’s important for everyone working on the brand to come together to develop a collective understanding of the Brand Persona. Creating a depiction of a brand as a person helps everyone better understand the values, voice and behaviors of the brand.

2. Consider how your Brand Persona is unique

Look at your competition — there will inevitably be some qualities about your persona that are different than your competitor set.

3. Now’s the time to look at your competition

Okay, here’s where the consumer data comes in handy. Take a look at it. Consider everything from demographics to buying habits to values. But also use your mind to draw conclusions about this target. For example: if they are 20 years old and own bike racks, it’s probably safe to say they have active lifestyles. Behavioral and mindset insights will likely prove to be more valuable than demographics, so do what you can to pinpoint those characteristics.

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After you’ve done all those things, consider your unique qualities and your target consumer’s unique traits. What do they share in common? That is your sweet spot. That is what you leverage moving forward. That is how you will gain a truly strong relationship with your customers that will feel compelled to tell their friends about your brand & essentially become brand ambassadors.

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