Bex Illustrators

Cherie Sinnen

Cherie was one of the first illustrators we worked with way back in 2016 for a Bonafide Provisions project. It was love at first sight when we saw her scientific-style drawings of ingredients. Since then, she’s worked with us on numerous projects for Ozery Bakery and BumbleBee Seafoods. She helps us dial up taste appeal to 100 and brings a sense of heritage to a brand.  The amount of detail in her work is mind-blowing!

Mike Perry

Moreismoreismoreismore when it comes to Mike’s style, as seen most notably in the opening credits for “Broad City”. His style was perfect for the eccentric, over-the-top flavors in Coolhaus ice cream. Our budget was tight for this one, so he was kind enough to give us illustrated “stickers” so we could combine and arrange them in different ways to create all the crazy flavors. We love how you can look at his work forever and continue to discover more with each minute.

Andrew Holder

We tested five illustrators when we were looking for the appropriate illustrator for Lily’s Sweets in 2018, but almost instantly knew Andrew was the person to keep this chocolate juggernaut on track to become a Hershey’s acquisition in 2021. His colorful and uplifting poster sensibility was perfect to create a magical brand block — a true embodiment of the euphoria that arises when enjoying Lily’s. Each one grabs your attention from afar & brings you in closer to see the details (and hidden ingredients!).


We worked with Barnana on a brand refresh in 2020 and when we were looking for imagery, we ran across Speto’s amazing street art. It had energy, grit and a playfulness that was decidedly light-hearted, but not childish. He’s quite well-known around the world and incredibly busy, so we tried to find some other alternatives of illustrators, but as it turned out, we were able to get in touch with him! He connected with Barnana co-founder Caue Suplicy & they were able to make a deal. We love the authentic energy of the monkey combined with the lush plantain leaves shining in the Brazilian sunshine!

Quentin Monge

One look at Quentin’s work, and you’re transported to a blissful vacation state of mind. It’s no wonder we felt like he was the perfect fit for Juni (just you and I) Organic Sparkling Teas created with founders Jay & Radhi Shetty. While he’s got a classic surfer vibe about him, he’s passionate about art and was incredibly helpful throughout the creative process, making each illustration specific to the flavors of the tea.