Best Food & Drinks for the Holidays

By: Becky Nelson

For us at Bex, great food and drink is what brings joy to us any time of year. Holiday time puts a magnifier on this as we join together to celebrate, give the gift of food and drink and then there are the foods and drinks we go back to once the holidays are over to bring routine and rhythm back into our days. We’ve put together our lists of top CPG products for different phases of the holiday season and wanted to share them with our community.

Best for Travel

Tea Strips
The worst part of ordering tea on the go — getting rid of the bag — isn’t an issue here. Just drop a tea strip in your water & you’re good to go. No bag, no mess. We are fans of the Olive Leaf and Honey Lemon rose flavor ourselves, but there are eight to choose from. 

Bear Bar
Savory Organic Snack Bar
These savory bars (from our hometown of San Diego) are THE BEST. Trust. Made from only 6 ingredients, these are the only bars that don’t put us on a sugar spike/crash roller coaster, not to mention the bloat. 

Bare Bones
Bone Broth Instant Powdered Beverage Mix
A ginormous cup of hot coffee sounds amazing, until you realize you can’t sleep and you have a window seat & have to get up 23,478 times. Next time, grab a Bare Bones Instant Broth. Your gut and your seat neighbors will thank you. 

Organic Fruit Jerky
Keep it simple with these fruit jerkys that have only one ingredient. Great for everyone in the plane, train or automobile. 

Birthday Cake Cookies
Crowd-pleasing cookies to bribe your seat neighbors with. Got noisy kids? Give them cookies for being quiet. A chatty neighbor? It’s harder to talk with cookies in their mouths. Everyone gets a win-win here. 

Best for Gifting

Back to the Roots
Organic Mushroom Kits
Fantastic for kids or for anyone who loves to see how things grow. These mushrooms literally double in size every day. 

Cobram Estate
First Harvest Olive Oil
The first harvest has a distinct and stronger flavor than your everyday extra virgin. Use on salads, potatoes, whatever you want for a more “olive-y” dimension. Your favorite foodie friend will love you forever. 

Kauai Juice Co
Hot Sauce Mixed 6-Pack
Worth the shipping charges, each of these hot sauces have distinct flavor and a range of heat. Give to your spiciest friend or relative. 

The Holiday Gift Pack — 6 or 12. Canned Wines
Our Head of Strategy at Bex, Hilary Cocalis’ side hustle is making the most amazing canned wine. Give to a friend who won’t compromise flavor for convenience. 

Trader Joe’s
Hot Cocoa Ornaments
These shimmery hot cocoa bombs melt in hot water, revealing chocolate chips and marshmallows. Stir and you’ve got yourself a magical mug of holiday cheer! 

Best for Entertaining

Sparkling Rainwater
Not only can you feel good about purchasing water from the sky, but you also get the best-tasting sparkling water with the finest bubbles. Great as a mixer or straight up. 

The Humble Seed
Variety 3 Boxes
These go with anything, light & crispy crackers can be used with wild abandon. Hummus, Harissa, Tahini, Whipped Feta, Smoked Fish … you get the idea.

Party Can
Triple Spice Margarita 
Who doesn’t love a margarita? The bartender!! Take it easy on the in-house mixologist and order up a Party Can for your holiday fiesta. 

Best for Pup

Hemp Hounds
Calming Hemp Chews
The holidays can be tricky this time of year for your pup. Different schedules, new places. Keep your best friend blissful with extra calming hemp treats. 

Best for Getting Back on Track

Organic Coconut Wraps 
After some carb loving holidays, get back to basics with these Coconut Wraps. Use them for any of your hand held meals or snacks. Pairs well with sweet or savory food combinations. 

Wild Planet
Tuna Chorizo
Office-friendly tuna? Yes, you heard that right! The protein satisfies for hours, and the mix of tuna, spices and olive oil will help you keep your employee of the month status. 

Energy Drink
Lord knows we need energy after the holidays, but not the cracked out, hyper version that you get from most energy drinks. Troov performance tea gives you hours of focus and clarity with a soft landing (no crash). Get a few 12-packs to bring in 2024!