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Honor Your Body.

Bex joined forces with Temple Turmeric immediately after they changed their name from Tumeric Alive to Temple Turmeric. While preserving their existing logo, we set out to discover the rest of the story. Combining their company culture deeply rooted in yoga philosophies with the Hawaiian traditions where their ingredients are harvested proved to be a difficult task, but we found common ground with vibrant colors, a gentle brand voice and embellishments that take from both yoga and Hawaiian-inspired art to create a personality that is unique to Temple. The website utilizes vibrant images with lush settings near where the special Oana Turmeric is harvested. It is true and honest to the brand and sets itself apart from competition.


The new packaging is a more complimentary reflection of Temple’s devotion to sharing soulful health and an energy of awareness for your Body as Temple. It helps clarify the distinction between Temple’s sub-brands: Elixirs, Super Blends, Super Lights and Super Tonics, varying sections of transparency and color palette.


Super Blends


previous packaging


updated original elixir


The full line of Temple beverages



Super Tonics are a departure from the bottle sizing and sippable nature of the other lines, so the packaging takes on more intensity to echo the formula concentration. Each is more unique to its flavor and functionality.


The website truly expands on the laidback, tropical yogi vibes. As it delves deep into ingredient integrity and the company’s roots, it takes the audience on a colorful, educational journey. Henna patterns, custom illustrations, and vivid photography help set the stage for an online store and more unique content like a blog and recipe index. Temple does a great job keeping these updated with unique stories and varied expressions of their voice, so nothing feels stale or templated.


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