Del Mar, California




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Art of the Menu

The Cheers of Del Mar.

Sbicca is a cozy restaurant created almost fifteen years ago. It’s a fabulous place in Del Mar that overlooks the ocean and is void of “the scene” attitude. Initially when we spoke with Dan Sbicca about refreshing his branding, he said ”People call us the ‘Cheers of Del Mar’,” and when we ate there, we found that to be true. People stayed for hours drinking wine & eating food, while people mingled occasionally from table to table.

Through our research process, we concluded that Sbicca was different from all other restaurants in the area. Even though it served high-end dishes and had a profound wine selection like the others, it was also very comfortable and down-to-earth with hearty menu items. Their challenge was to let new customer understand this immediately when seeing any ad, business card or sign. We used European bistros as inspiration and selected a bold, classic font accented by curvy shadows and a bit of script, telling everyone they were different than their neighbors.





lunch/dinner menu, bar/desert menu, wine book, gift card, business card

The result is rich and traditional, but with more visual distinction. Menu & business cards were given more contrast to create excitement, but references of historical newspapers keep the design grounded. The custom leather blotters created for us by Lost Luggage helps complete the classic look.

Here’s where we started.

The old look certainly made it obvious that the focus was on food and service versus design and splash. However, the tired and dated menus excluded those who were unfamiliar with Dan Sbicca’s gregarious personality and the outstanding Southern California comfort cuisine. With an updated logo, it more accurately reflects the assets of the scenic Del Mar location. Now everyone upon viewing the sign or business card or menu will understand the comfortable ease and quality restaurant experience Sbicca delivers every time.



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