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San Diego, CA


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First meals matter.

Once Upon a Farm is one of a few new companies using HPP technology to maintain the flavors and nutrients of the pure and simple ingredients in baby food. We had a great time combining elements from our favorite fairy tales and childhood memories visiting farms.

Elements of the brand come to life through the contrast of natural, fresh photography and the childlike illustrations, further keying into the storytelling nature of the product. Worn barn wood, appetizing ingredients and helping hands bring Healthy Ever After to life.

Playful hand lettering and whimsical illustrations help the Once Upon a Farm logo feel familiar and welcoming.




crate style case box & packaging

When we looked at current baby food, the shelves literally mimicked a box of crayons. We determined our customer was more sophisticated and would appreciate a more subdued palette, so we went with bright whites accented with tiny splashes of color to emphasize the drawings of fruits and veggies. We also left a little window at the bottom, to further emphasize the natural, wholesome qualities of each recipe. The storytelling experience continued to unravel with case boxes that mimic wooden farm crates, so busy shoppers can immediately get a sense for the integrity of ingredients.


Once Upon a Farm’s initial website engaged discerning parents by letting them filter through the recipes by age range. Individual product pages let them scan nutrition facts and find out where each and every ingredient is sourced.



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