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“Fish meets field” with a PHD.

Herringbone is a Brian Malarkey and James Brennan restaurant creation set to open in La Jolla, California in April, 2012.

Our inspiration for this brand mostly stemmed form the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley. We wanted the brand identity to appear as very classic, almost appear academic in style, using only black and white. We added textures and shades for variety.

We drew from historical, technical drawings of fish and chose Baskerville as our typeface, a font that has was designed in 1757 by John Baskerville.

The “less is more” approach to this brand’s communications is in direct opposition to Burlap (Malarkey’s restaurant in Del Mar) in reaction to the locale and customer of La Jolla, which tends to be more reserved in nature.



We wanted the brand identity to appear very classic – almost academic in style and feel, using only black and white.




menu, business cards


We consider items after the logo as “Continuing Education.” As people become more familiar with the collegiate, old schoolbook vibe, the more we can play with it. The business card resembles an identification card and the menu is reminiscent of a table of contents or directory.

We stick to black, white and grey colors but insisted on high-quality paper. Some people do not consider paper choice as important, but it is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Utilizing the sense of touch is another way for customers to get to know and remember your brand. In addition, senses that live more in the subconscious have been known to be more influential in people’s perception of a brand.

For the Grand Opening Invitation, we went super luxe and made traditional letterpress coasters, making a fantastic first impression. They’ve had reservations full since it’s opening in May of 2012.

grand opening invitations



Utilizing the sense of touch is another great way for customers to get to know and remember your brand.


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