Brian Malarkey
La Mesa, California




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Art of the Menu

The feast in the East!

After researching the La Mesa area, a few themes were reoccurring. The area was infested with chain restaurants that treated their customers the same way they’d treat a customer in all the way over in Ohio.

In addition, the people of the area appreciated good, honest, meat-centric foods. It was clear they liked to have a good time without the attitude.

Brian had created a menu with lots of fun comfort food elements, so we created a logo that was bold and straight-forward, with a nostalgic nod to the 50′s.

The clean and geometric font used in the logo is reminiscent of classic diners, but bright and friendly. Keeping the color palette simple made executions feel functional and purposeful, like you might find in industrial manuals.


Gift Certificate, business cards, menu

We use the bull and horns element almost as punctuation. Think of it as a combination of a wink and exclamation point all rolled into one. Gingham has fun and is uninhibited about showing it.


Business Cards

We decided to use roll tickets for business cards to keep costs low and give customers an instant impression that this new spot by Brian Malarkey was a place to have fun, not show off. The menu is simple enough to guide a customer’s eye easily throughout, but the elegant use of type alignment lets any viewer know this is a big step up from your average barbecue joint. By creating business cards, menus and uniforms that were straightforward but playful, the relationship between the interior design, service and food was enhanced even further. It made visitors of Gingham feel like friends instead of just customers.

Gingham Signage


Gingham Signage


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