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HOW Magazine 2013 International Design AwardsArt of the Menu

Say “Olá” to fun!

Gabardine is a Brian Malarkey & James Brennan restaurant concept featuring a menu based on Portuguese seafood cuisine and is set in a small, cozy spot deep in Point Loma. When we reviewed the competition, it seemed as though earth tones and serious attitudes were common attributes. So we decided to take the opposite approach and infuse fun & color when branding Gabardine.

The whimsical swimmer invites customers to enjoy, shed some inhibitions and spend time with friends. The strong font balances the playful qualities of the swimmer and creates a more gender-neutral image. It functions the same way the Miller High Life girl does with its brand. The colors and characteristics are meant to appeal to both locals and tourists, so everyone can come to Gabardine and be assured of a great time.



The whimsical swimmer invites customers to have some fun, shed some inhibitions and spend time with friends.



Our logo mark Gabby comes to life on the menus of Gabardine. We say this a lot, but we like to think of brands as people, so while the person always remains the same, every time you meet the brand you should learn something new about them. In our menu design, Gabby sits atop the right-hand column, proudly presenting Gabardine’s offerings. It’s not an exact replication of the logo, but still easily recognizable. The rest of the menu is inspired by Mediterranean cafés, with a sampling of neighborhood dishes that vary from light to hearty. Dessert Menus reinforce the light-hearted and casual ambiance of the decor, cuisine and waitstaff.




menu system

The nostalgic, silkscreened Grand Opening poster communicated the emphasis on the fun and hand-crafted qualities of Gabardine. The evening was a true success, and many Point Loma residents made Gabardine their neighborhood gathering place.


grand opening invite



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