Crescent Heights
San Diego, California




Invitation, Envelope, Mailing label

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Crescent Heights had budget issues as they planned for their grand opening, since more money was going out than coming in, so we developed a low budget solution to their problem. They had already invested a lot of money on interior design. One of the most distinctive focal points of the design was a ceiling made of panels that created a wave-like pattern.

Bex Brands used this pattern to create a mailing piece that embossed this pattern along the front, and then used photographs of the interior to create an oversized sticker that would also function as an address label. The interior invitation was an insert and could be changed for future uses, making it well worth the investment.


We highlighted the distinctive ceiling pattern by embossing it along the front of the mailing piece, and then used photographs of the interior for the address label.

Grand opening invitation



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