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A buzz big as Texas

Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee is a fairly new company with roots that run deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. While the existing brand was doing quite well, the category itself was growing rapidly and competitors were gaining ground. Chameleon needed a brand evolution to better articulate the things that make it great — better beans, roasted to perfection and brewed low and slow with Hill Country, limestone-rich water. Drawing inspiration from the Austin streets, we began with fonts that mirrored the not-so-serious, bold and brawny taste, integrated a handmade mosaic that was more interesting and imperfect than the previous patterns, and streamed copy to have that same bold, fun, purposeful tone. Coffee Made for Makers becomes a rally cry for this brand providing the fuel to make things happen!


The updated Chameleon logo takes notes from Austin street art, with playful, bold typefaces and a handmade mosaic.


Chameleon ready to drink cold-brew coffees



Doing a brand refresh can feel more complicated than starting from scratch. Deciding what’s worth keeping and what needs an update is key. We kept some distinguishing attributes of Chameleon, like the overall lightness of the labels and the incredibly ownable chameleon mark. But the evolved brand has grown to include more depth and eclecticism through visuals and copy tone. Small details like metallic touches on the mosaic labels help create a lasting impression when a customer picks up a bottle.

Bumper Stickers

Sell Sheet

Distressed paint touches and collaged, in-the-moment photography combined with gutsy copy keep the brand rooted and weird in Austin. This vibrance is carried out through marketing materials and the website.



Trade Show Booth

Chameleon CEO Chris Campbell shares their brand evolution story with Bevnet.


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