Big Tree Farms


Food & Beverage


LOGO, Packaging, Tradeshow Booth, Marketing Materials, Copywriting

Rooted in goodness

The existing Big Tree Farms packaging lacked clear communications on the logistics of the product, as well as expressing more about what makes their product line better and talks about the company behind the product line.
Our assignment was to clarify & improve the “what is it?” communications and tell a better story about the brand & product differentiators.



Coconut sugars

The creamy background color articulates the flavors of coconut sugar and creates an easy backdrop for clear communications to live on.


coco aminos

By creating vibrant, textural stripes, we communicate the authenticity of the brand — a more compassionate and purposeful understanding of the people, processes and products Big Tree Farms creates.


coconut nectars



Using colors along with a variety of font sizes & weights aids in creating a clear path for the consumer to better understand the product, uses & differentiators.



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