Back To The Roots
Oakland, CA


Food & Beverage


LOGO, PACKAGING, marketing materials, copywriting

Let's undo food.

Back to the Roots is a company on a mission to get people to better understand where their food comes from. From that mission, they've developed two different offerings — Ready to Eat and Ready to Grow.

Our job was to help develop a more distinct and ownable Brand Identity, along with packaging that describes the very different attributes of each product, but works together as a whole, making a stronger, more cohesive statement for Back to the Roots.

We deepen the knowledge of the brand through other supportive packaging design elements, mostly rough, spontaneous and energetic in nature. We liken it to someone telling their best friend about this revolutionary company making the coolest products.


The strength of the word mark with the hidden arrow is powerful and distinct. It follows the enthusiasm of those within the company truly trying to make the world a better place. It nods to the some of the protest art of the 70s and invites the viewer in. It is the cornerstone of all the packaging.



Cereal Packaging


There’s a lot going on with each package, but it engages the curious consumer, educates them about the importance of the movement to “Undo Food.”, and activates them to grow something, make your own food or just read an ingredient list.

Water Garden packaging




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