Our Wayward Impulses

We’ve Been Drinking

Posted by Jeremy Dahl

It’s been since February since our last post and, we’ve gotta admit it, we’ve been drinking.

Okay okay, it’s not really what you’re thinking, but somehow, after working on lots of new restaurants (Herringbone, Cusp, Gabardine, Gingham), we had the opportunity to work on a bar, a beer tap, coasters and a raw and cold-pressed juice line. So actually, we’ve been eating AND drinking.


We were super excited to work with friends Jake Pescatello and Leigh Gibson to open The Commons Bar downtown because, as mentioned, they’re friends of ours. But we were also stepping out of our comfort zone of sit-down, high-end restaurants into something accessible to a wider audience. Read More …

29 October 2012

3rd Annual Chairs for Chair’ity

Posted by Jeremy Dahl


For the last two years, Bex Brands has participated in Chairs for Chair’ity, an event organized by our client, Hold It Contemporary Home, to benefit Make A Wish Foundation San Diego. Prominent interior designers, architects and other local celebrities are chosen to select a chair from Hold It, and re-design it in a fun and unique way. The finished chairs are auctioned off for sale. Read More …

20 October 2011

What makes a lasting brand?

Posted by Becky Nelson

I just viewed a video done for Bally celebrating 160 years. What a remarkable milestone. While there are many things that go into a long-lasting brand, I find that one of the most important things to do is maintain a consistent brand personality, but also to say something fresh and new in each creative execution.

Read More …

19 September 2011

Core Values

Posted by Becky Nelson

When Bex Brands takes on a client, one of the first things to define is a brand’s core values.

We repeat over and over that a brand is similar to a person, so just as a person’s core beliefs are implicitly important to making a successful relationship with another person, a brand’s core values are equally important to connect with their customers. Read More …

27 July 2011

Searsucker and Burlap Window Displays

Posted by Becky Nelson


When our new clients, Brian Malarkey and James Brennan requested window displays for their existing restaurant Searsucker, and their highly anticipated restaurant Burlap, we were so excited! For years, we’ve been inspired by the elaborate window displays of Manhattan and most notably Simon Doonan‘s work for Barneys of New York. It’s an amazing way to gain attention and unlike any other medium we generally work with. It needs to function similarly to outdoor since the overall message needs to have stopping power and it needs to be easily understood. But since most people have the opportunity to stop and take a closer look, it also needs to provide rewards for those who take the time to enjoy the details of the display. Read More …

7 June 2011

How to get the most out of your branding or graphic design firm

Posted by Becky Nelson


There’s just no way around it: great branding takes time and investment. Although there’s no guarantee of success, there are some ways to increase your chances. Whether you’re a marketing director of a large corporation or a startup entrepreneur, the following simple tips can help you get the most from any branding or design firm: Read More …

10 May 2011

What is Market Research?

Posted by Becky Nelson


George Kusaba is our new intern at Bex Brands. He’s done a great job working with us on social media strategies and research. Since one of his passions is market research, we invited him to be a guest blogger on His article gives a a quick overview of the process and also adds some interesting insights. Thanks George! Read More …

2 May 2011

Bex Brands to be featured in Visual Marketing Book

Posted by Becky Nelson

Bex Brands is thrilled to have their work for To The Point Gaslamp Acupuncture featured in Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design. The book is written by esteemed authors David Langton and Anita Campbell and will be available for purchase in September. Read More …

27 April 2011

Why Bex Brands works with Health & Nutrition

Posted by Becky Nelson

Over the years, Bex Brands has worked with many health & nutrition companies, and it’s no accident. We’ve always worked with brands that share similar values to ours, and we like to support any cause that helps educate people to care for their bodies. At Bex, we are firm believers that the way you care for your body is in direct correlation to a person’s self-worth. Read More …

21 February 2011

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