Bex Brands develops genuine and thoughtful communication touchpoints which express a brand’s soul.

We work with people we like.

At Bex Brands, we don’t believe in “it’s just business” values. We’ve spent time cultivating relationships with our clients and treat them no differently than we treat our friends. We speak honestly and freely with our clients because we truly want to help them succeed.

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients large & small, and have been involved with businesses ranging anywhere from entertainment to accounting services, from beer to office supplies. Past and current clients have been smart, hard-working, ambitious and honest people. To put it very simply, we work with people we like & respect. Check some of them out below.


Herringbone Grand Opening w/ Brian Malarkey

Beauty / Cosmetics
ABBA Hair Products
Alterna Hair Products
California Tan
DYG Cosmetics
Kopari Beauty

Dawnette Skincare
La Jolla Spa MD
Lulu's by Travis Parker
Ryan Thomas Hair Salon
Sol Spa Spascene
The Pretty Kitty
Travis Parker Salon

Ascent Realty
Barratt Homes
Brookfield Homes
Equus Realty
Phoenix Realty
Shea Homes

Cord Blood Registry
Dorfman Kinesiology Clinic
Dr. Carin Gribetz, Dermatologist
Dr. Lefkovits Dermatology
Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, Dermatologist
ISIS Pharmaceuticals
Mini Monkey Yoga Parties
To the Point Gaslamp Acupuncture
Yoga & Fitness to Go

San Diego Intl. Airport
World Trade Center SD
United Port of San Diego
San Diego Communicators Commission on Children, Youth and Families - CCY First 5 San Diego
Waterford Graded School District

Easton Hockey
Golf Team Products
Holiday Bowl
Jiva Activewear
La Jolla Club
Lamkin Golf Club Grips
Poinsettia Bowl
TaylorMade-adidas Golf

Chef Brian Malarkey
Decanter Wine Lounge
Disney Meeting & Event Planners
E! Network
Fox Searchlight Pictures
FX Network
Hilton San Diego
Knowledge Adventure
La Costa Resort & Spa
Lucky Liu’s
Marriott Esmerelda Resort
P.F. Chang's
San Diego Art Institute
San Diego County Fair
Sovereign Kitchen
Temecula Creek Inn
The Disney Channel
Universal Studios

Food / Drink
Back to the Roots
Barney Butter
Biena Snacks
Big Tree Farms
Bonafide Provisions
Chameleon Cold-Brew
Coors Light
Dr. Praeger's
Frankly Vodka
Hormel Chili
Leap Smoothies
Millie's Gelato
Noah's Bagels
Once Upon A Farm
Ozery Bakery
Peabody's Coffee
Skinny Dipped
Starbucks (Regional)
Temple Tumeric
Wetzels Pretzels
Wicked Lekker

Chef Tina Jo
Penta Water
Premier Nutrition
PureFit Nutrition

Fashion / Home Design
Elle Intimates
Factory 2 U
Hold It Contemporary Home
L.A. Fairchild Denim Bar
Metropolis Home
Reclaimed Modern
Sanctuary Home & Garden
Steven Cheroske

Alpine Car Stereos
Arab World Fest
Champion Signs
Hydros LLC
J Public Relations
Luth Research
Nativity Prep School
Peoples Bank
Price Charities
Ring Around the Children

Get to know us.

We're good people who love good work. Based in San Diego, California, we get to enjoy awesome weather, awesome beer, and the ability to genuinely say "awesome" as much as we want. Click on a name or a photo for a bio.

We specialize in working with (but are not limited to) the following industries: health & nutrition, beauty, sports, hospitality, fashion and restaurant. Our work is constantly expanding and evolving with our clients’ needs. Tell us more about what you want and we can work together to make it a reality.

logos, stationery, folders, cards

brochures, catalogs, invitations

food, drink, fashion

signage, banners, trade show

print, broadcast, digital

websites, email newsletters

Decanter Business Card

Art of the Menu
Lucky Liu's
The Commons Bar

BevNet Live
Speech on Packaging Trends

Bright Books Logos 1

Big Packaging

Creative Boom

Creativity 34th Print & Packaging Awards
Premier Nutrition Advertising

Creativity International 40 Print & Packaging
To the Point Brochure

Creativity International 44th Print & Packaging Awards
Suja Essentials Packaging

Creativity International 46th Print & Packaging Awards
Dr. Praeger's
Once Upon a Farm

Creativity International 47th Print & Packaging Awards

Chois Package Vol.06

Damn Good
Wisknladle Business Card

FPO Awards 2012
Herringbone Grand Opening Invitation

FPO Blog
Bex Brands Stationery

Corporate & Co. -- Gestalten Books
Herringbone Identity

GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards 2013

GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards 2014
Botan Protein Water
Suja Essentials

GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards 2015
Cravory Cookies Holder
Suja Elements Cold Brew Tea

GDUSA American Packaging Design Awards 2016

GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards 2016
Leap Ready-To-Be Smoothies

GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards 2015
Under the Canopy Logo

GDUSA Health & Wellness Design Awards 2014
Suja Business Cards
Suja Elements Tea Packaging

GDUSA Health & Wellness Design Awards 2015
New Road Logo

GDUSA Health & Wellness Design Awards 2016
Suja Drinking Vinegars

GDUSA People to Watch 2015

Pentawards Worldwide Packaging Design Awards 2014
Suja Essentials

Pentawards Worldwide Packaging Design Awards 2016
Once Upon a Farm

Print Magazine Regional Design Awards 2013
Herringbone Grand Opening Invitation

Print Magazine Regional Design Awards 2016

Really Good Logos Explained

The Dieline
Once Upon A Farm
Suja Elements
Suja Elements Tea
Suja Essentials
Wicked Lekker


Top Graphic Design Series No. 3
Herringbone Identity

Trademarks USA 2010
Reclaimed Modern

US Ad Review
Premier Nutrition Advertising

Visual Marketing
To the Point Brochure

How we do it.

Each project is treated somewhat differently, depending upon its needs, however, this is generally how we like to approach a project. Our job at Bex Brands is to find the soul of your brand and express it in a way that’s unique and entertaining.

We begin with researching your brand, competitors and your audience to learn about the category environment and how your brand is unique. From there, a brand platform is developed. This summarizes in just a few sentences who your company is, its values, how the brand should be perceived by its audience and how is distinguishes from competitors. It helps direct the company internally and externally. All brand communications must follow the brand platform to create a clear, concise and consistent brand impression. Although Bex Brands process requires collaboration with our clients throughout the entire process, it is the research phase where collaboration is the most important. We’re experts in branding and marketing, but you are the expert in your brand.
Just stating a brand’s difference from the competition is not enough. It needs to be presented in a way that engages its audience. Sometimes it’s expressed through color, sometimes with elegant visuals, sometimes even with a joke. Bex Brands will conceptualize to find the best way to express your brand’s soul to your customer.
All of this leads up to the design phase. At this point, we’re moving from our sketchpads to our Macs to make our concepts come to life. Our clients get so excited with this phase, as finally visual representation of the brand is achieved! And it’s neither just a pretty picture nor a lecture about how fantastic your brand is. It is a blend of visuals and copy that express your unique brand, creating a complete set of tools to use.
Designs are refined as they are cross-checked against your brand core values, brand impression and brand position to ensure clarity, brevity of your communication touchpoints (the deliverable — i.e. logo, brochure, website) as well as proper technical execution for printing or web specs and the piece is finally produced.
Once the touchpoints are complete, we continue to work with our clients to maintain the integrity of the brand platform and all brand communications. Because once we’ve worked with you throughout the process, it’s inevitable that we’ve become as attached to your brand as you have, and we want to see it succeed just as much as you would. Your brand is like a person. It may age, lose hair or change clothes, but the soul remains the same. We make sure your brand’s soul stays true and consistent throughout its life.

How can we help you?