We’ve Been Drinking

Posted by Jeremy Dahl

It’s been since February since our last post and, we’ve gotta admit it, we’ve been drinking.

Okay okay, it’s not really what you’re thinking, but somehow, after working on lots of new restaurants (Herringbone, Cusp, Gabardine, Gingham), we had the opportunity to work on a bar, a beer tap, coasters and a raw and cold-pressed juice line. So actually, we’ve been eating AND drinking.


We were super excited to work with friends Jake Pescatello and Leigh Gibson to open The Commons Bar downtown because, as mentioned, they’re friends of ours. But we were also stepping out of our comfort zone of sit-down, high-end restaurants into something accessible to a wider audience.

First, the name of The Commons Bar was originally The Commons. After we developed the brand research and determined our brand characteristics as friendly, classic and blue collar-esque, we added “Bar” so it could be shortened to TCB, Elvis’ saying for “taking care of business”.

We also recommended doing away with the chalkboard menus and instead using marquis-type signage to display beers on tap and drink specials. It’s fun, easy to read & makes people passing by want to come in and see the action!

The logo, menus and remaining collateral enhanced the approachable, good-times vibe with a touch of retro and a lot of fresh colors.

See the complete project here


Enlightened Hospitality Group was working with Snake Oil Cocktail Co. to develop their cocktail programs for their restaurants and they wanted to include a beer in their offerings as well. After working with Karl Strauss, they collaborated to develop a fabulous, crowd-pleasing blonde lager. They came to us for a logo and custom beer tap.

Snake Oil’s brand is nostalgic and handcrafted, so we needed to use the snake from their original logo. After several sketches, we went about to find a metal artist to produce our vision. Lex Archibald was incredibly enthusiastic and talented and we knew immediately she was perfect for the job! She and DJ Brelie cut the brass pieces using a plasma cutter, welded them together and then etched the type and logo, creating a look that is totally custom, and totally bad-a**! Each one is unique as the process utilizes a lot of handwork, which reflects the qualities of Snake Oil.

See the logo here


We were under the gun to find a fun and unique way to invite people to Herringbone’s grand opening party, and it needed to be a show-stopper. Nothing says show-stopper like letterpress and so we developed a set of coasters to express the brand and invite local La Jollans to the soiree. A HUGE thank you to In to Ink printing for rushing the paper out & getting those printed in time (and printed perfectly BTW)

Uline made a standard black box that fit our coasters perfectly, so we were able to wrap a simple belly-band/mailing label around them and they were ready to go! The party was a huge success and raised $25,000 for AidChild, a non-profit organization that provides homes, clinics and laboratory support for children and families in Uganda.

See the complete project here



After all the indulging, it was time for a bit of detox, and just like that, James Brennan and Jeff Church requested our help branding a raw, organic, cold-pressed juice line. Are we lucky or what?!?

After obviously requesting some trade in the deal (the stuff is AMAZING!), we tackled naming, brand positioning, logo, packaging and vehicle wraps. We positioned Suja as the friendly, down-to-earth friend who understands life’s challenges and helps bring you to health with convenient nutritious juices that make you feel great & function better! With vibrant colors and copy that speaks to our audience, Suja stands out amongst it’s competitors.

We are absolutely thrilled to see Suja flying off the store shelves at Whole Foods Markets all over the Southwest. Plans are to enter the Rocky Mountain region stores by December 1st of 2012 and hopefully more in 2013!

See the full project here

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