Core Values

Posted by Becky Nelson

When Bex Brands takes on a client, one of the first things to define is a brand’s core values.

We repeat over and over that a brand is similar to a person, so just as a person’s core beliefs are implicitly important to making a successful relationship with another person, a brand’s core values are equally important to connect with their customers.

To better understand what core values for a company might be, let’s look at some examples:
Tom’s — Here’s an easy one. Tom’s tagline is One for One, meaning that for every pair of shoes or glasses bought, a pair will be given to a person in need. They believe consumerism should be matched in charity. For those who share this belief, they will look more closely at their products. for those who enjoy their products, they can feel better about themselves by knowing they’ve helped someone else.

Apple — This one may be a little more difficult as many might guess Apple believes in making money, however, core values transcend monetary issues. We believe Apple promotes two primary core values. First, Apple encourages innovation and communication. Secondly, Apple supports local artistry, as it clearly states that products are designed in our California.

Consider your brand. This could be the product you sell, the service you offer, or even your family or simply yourself. What are the core values of your brand and how can you express them in a way to leverage success with your target?

In branding, perhaps the best way to engage your target market is to create a feeling of “me too” within potential customers. When your audience agrees with a brand’s values, a connection is instantly developed and the opportunity for communication between brand and consumer can begin.

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