How to get the most out of your branding or graphic design firm

Posted by Becky Nelson


There’s just no way around it: great branding takes time and investment. Although there’s no guarantee of success, there are some ways to increase your chances. Whether you’re a marketing director of a large corporation or a startup entrepreneur, the following simple tips can help you get the most from any branding or design firm:

1. Provide information — Give your firm as much information in the beginning as possible. They are experts in communicating your brand, but you know more about your brand than they ever will, so the more information you can give them, the better they will be able to discover what Bex Brands calls the soul of your brand.

2. Share your vision — Most clients have a picture in their head of what they’re expecting to see. As important as it is to be open-minded when reviewing what the firm has developed, it is equally important to share your expectations. No need to judge whether your vision is right or wrong, it’s just another way to get on the same page with your firm, making the branding experience truly collaborative. Look for images to help you describe what you have in mind. These images should serve as inspiration for your firm, but are not meant to be literal interpretations for brand communications.

3. Be open-minded — As I mentioned above, being open-minded is an important part of the process. Remember they are experts at finding the soul of your brand and expressing it in a way that’s honest, distinct and memorable. On occasion, we’ve had prospective clients come to us telling us he or she knows “exactly what I want, I just want you to execute it.” I implore you not to take this approach with your firm, as it will disservice both of you. By dictating design decisions, you’re not using your firm’s talents to their best ability. You’ve also changed their jobs from discovering ways to connect with your audience to reading your mind, and trust me, most of us are not good mind-readers.

4. Give them time — The more time you can give your firm, the better. Once you
provide the information and share your vision with your firm, they’re minds are on it 24/7, as portions of the subconscious brain continue to decipher and process the creative task at hand, whether they like it or not.

5. Trust — If you’ve done research on your firm before hiring them, you should know that they will do their best to make your brand expressions honest, distinct and memorable. Making your client feel like you don’t trust them will only add stress and generally not produce better results since you’ve developed an “us vs them” relationship. Instead, try to develop a “we” relationship with your firm as you move toward a common goal of creating a successful brand.

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