Why Bex Brands works with Health & Nutrition

Posted by Becky Nelson

Over the years, Bex Brands has worked with many health & nutrition companies, and it’s no accident. We’ve always worked with brands that share similar values to ours, and we like to support any cause that helps educate people to care for their bodies. At Bex, we are firm believers that the way you care for your body is in direct correlation to a person’s self-worth.

I can’t say I’ve run a marathon or ever gotten through every pose in an Ashtanga Primary Series, but I have always been a moderate exerciser. The way I perform my job, my disposition and my general attitude suffers when I don’t exercise. I can guarantee that the hour I spend at the gym six days a week is more than made up in my efficiency throughout the rest of the week.

Similarly, food is one of the most powerful drugs, and although the general public seems to be more aware of the benefits of eating wholesome and nutritionally dense food, I am surprised almost daily that many times people have a better idea of what to feed their pets than themselves.

That all being said, we’ve become fans of several things over the years in the health & nutrition category that we could be without:

Aladdin Essential Infuser — (#1 Favorite!) For any tea drinker, you know the process of making tea takes time, and forget about taking it with you. You can never find a place to properly dump the tea leaves and the mug just about melts the skin off your hand. This brilliant device takes care of both problems. First, there’s a little basket attached to the lid, where you put you tea, and then the mug is double walled, so your handling isn’t a problem. To brew your tea, you simply pour the hot water in your mug, screw on the lid and push the lever on the side to lower the tea basket into your water. Then once your tea has steeped to your desired strength, just pull the lever and the basket raises into the lid again, keeping it away from your perfectly brewed beverage, and you can dump your leaves at your convenience.

Lady Yoga, Superhero — Lady Yoga Superhero Lady Yoga Superhero is first a friend and second one of our favorite clients at Bex Brands! She teaches yoga classes and offers private training in the Los Angeles area. Her energy is infectious and you leave her classes feeling a little lighter in the belly and in the head.

The Stick — Brian Dorfman of  Dorfman Kinesiology recommends this tool to ease the muscles of the pro athletes he works with and even for gym rats like myself. I got mine on, but I’ve also seen it available at Road Runner Sports.

Galeos Ginger Wasabi Miso Dressing — Don’t be turned off by the packaging. Hands down the best dressing we’ve ever had at Bex. The low fat, all natural recipe adds flavor to any sandwich, salad, fish, or cooked vegetables. The Ginger Wasabi is our favorite with fresh bits of ginger and a kick of wasabi.

BlueQ Shoulder Bag — Blue Q Shoulder Bags Made of recycled plastics, the bag is perfect for sweaty towels and clothes from your gym session or hot yoga class. Clean up is a snap with bleach wipes and the low cast means you can rotate a few to let them air out properly between your workouts.

Emerald Balance | Ultimate Whole Body Superfood — This amazing green powered is full of antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics, fiber, and immune enhancers. The great taste makes Emerald Green a great addition to your morning smoothie or after workout drink.

More Bex Brands favorites include:
PureFit Nutrition Bars — Non-melting, gluten-free protein bars
Shirataki MiracleNoodle — Low calorie noodles, perfect for carb cravings
GT’s Kombucha — Soothes anxious stomachs
Teavana— Amazing teas! (Note: Don’t let the sales people upsell you. You might be surprised when you find you’ve just spent $100 on tea.)

We’re really excited about going to the Natural Products Expo West 2011, spending some time with Robb Dorf and the PureFit crew and checking out the latest & greatest in natural foods and promise to report our findings afterwards.

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