Two Restaurants & Bex Brands’ Style

Posted by Becky Nelson

From time to time people ask us, “What is your style?” I enjoy this question as it opens the door to a discussion that explores the difference (and in our opinion the advantage) between us and other design firms.

The difference is well illustrated with some recent work we’ve been doing with two restaurant clients.

At Bex Brands, we research and work with our clients to uncover what makes them unique, special and inviting to their audience and then we create a brand identity that expresses these characteristics in a memorable way. So in other words, our “style” is driven by the soul of our client, not by what we happen to like ourselves. This gives their audience the truest and most trustful communication possible, which in the end is the most effective.

You’ll notice that even though we’re working with two restaurants, the soul of each is inherently different, and is therefore expressed altogether differently.


Leilani's Cafe is a family-owned hawaiian cafe and the logo and business card captures the home-spun, colorful and relaxed atmosphere of their small restaurant in Pacific Beach.


Whisknladle Hospitality logo & business cards developed as an umbrella brand for the proprietors of Whisknladle and PrepKitchen. Their restaurants focus on the process of gathering local, seasonally-inspired ingredients, and preparing them in a simple and honest manner to offer a place where food and community come together. The executions of the brand reflect their rustic & historical inspiration.

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